Friday, March 31, 2006

Bowling & PPIMI Charity Dinner

Here are some pictures taken during CCMB's....enjoy the days but not too much...huhu.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Naqiu...don't leave us yet...

It was so looooooooong since the last post. That indicates I’m so malas to blogging + busy participating in CCMB + focuses on studies (This one I’m not so sure)….

Naqiu, my dearie (Jamboo as Ihsan said) classmate was in Dublin and I’m doing nothing during his stay. Huhu. I think he was wrong on choosing this time to come over Dublin. First, we were busy with CCMB. Second, we have classes..luckily, Meor was in holiday, thanks Meor for save our day!

Today, he’s off to Notts at 3p.m…hehe…5 days seems not enuf laa..sian ko…I’m planning to send him off in the airport as this wud be the ONLY time I can show my classmateness concern but to make it worse, I have to attend my practical which starts at 1030-1.30. If ONLY I can switch it to Thurs or leave the lab at least one hour earlier that can bring me to the airport! I have sent Mr Swallow Elliott an email and now it’s ALL depending on him. The chances would be 5% I would say…sedey ☺

…One swallow does not make a summer, remember this Nath!....

(Wait for next post, I’m going to upload pictures taken during very humble n kelam kabut CCMB charity dinner)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A friend as it shud be...

Apabila kau ingin berteman,
Janganlah kerana kelebihannya,
Kerana mungkin dengan satu kelemahan,
Kau mungkin akan menjauhinya

Andai kau ingin berteman,
Janganlah kerana kebaikannya,
Kerana mungkin dengan satu keburukan,
Kau akan membencinya

Andai kau ingin sahabat yang satu,
Janganlah kerana ilmunya,
Kerana apabila dia buntu,
Kau mungkin akan memfitnahnya.

Andai kau ingin seorang teman,
Janganlah kerana sifat cerianya
Kerana andai dia tidak pandai menceriakan,
Kau mungkin kan menyalahkannya.

Andai kau ingin bersahabat,
Terimalah dia seadanya,
Kerana dia seorang sahabat,
Yang hanya manusia biasa

Jangan diharapkan sempurna
Kerana kau juga tidak sempurna..
Tiada yang biasa-biasa
Menjadi satu yang sempurna.

Tapi bersahabatlah kerana Allah
Bersahabatlah kerana aqidah Islam
Bersahabatlah kerana kita saudara fillah,
Yang sama-sama dinaungi Islam

Allah telah berpesan
Innamal mu'minunal ikhwah
Sudah jelas pesanan
Kita semua bersaudara sedarah…

Jadi sahabatku,
Bersahabatlah kerana Allah,
Kerana kau dan aku..
Hanyalah seorang `abdullah..

`Abdullah itu, sahabatku
Tidak punya apa-apa,
Melainkan hanya satu,
Itulah Allah yang Esa.

Maafkanlah kesilapannya,
Kerana kau juga banyak silap,
Raikanlah kelebihannya
Dia raikan dirimu terlalu acap.

Berlapang dadalah sahabat.
Kerana itu serendah ukhwah
Berkorbanlah sahabat,
Kerana itu setinggi ukhwah.

Marilah sahabat,marilah teman
Kita pupuk persaudaraan bersama
Persaudaaraan kerana Ar Rahman
Supaya kita bersama ke syurga

Itulah setinggi harapan,
Bersama bersua di syurga indah
Moga doa dmakbulkan
Bertemu berpisah kerana Allah

Happy Bday To NexTieRack Gurl!

Happy Birthday to you dear. You'r 21 now. Old enuf to go for shopping n buy urself a birthday gift, hehe. Your last 'hasil tangkapan' look nice but too greeny (Love blue more than green, sry!). Hope you can reach all your goals n last but not least use ur buying power rationally babe! nanti Ulat x mampu nak melayan karenah ko. Hikhik. (Plz bear with the picture above-originally taken from Lenot's most visited

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Off to Sirah Tour

In 30 minutes time, I'll off to one and only Astra hall in Belfield for National Sirah Tour. The talk is mainly on our beloved prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) which we as 'inherited' muslims has heard for zillions of times. But do we practice all his sunnahs in our daily life? What would be the response given to your non-muslim friends when they asked you about the caricature published in Danish country?
In short, don't ever take this for granted. Okay?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Getting MARRIED?

OMG, I feel kinda faint when one of my Saudi friends said she going to get married this summer. Having said that, she's only 20 years old and that guy is 25 years old, now doing pHD in whatever-science-related course in the USA. She showed me his picture and damn, that guy is drop-dead gorgeous...arabian+american look...How I wish I can get one someday...Huhu...

I was happy to hear this news but the fact that she gonna leaves us by this summer and moves to USA make me feel so sad. I can't afford to lose my best PRACTICAL-TUTORIAL companion. Sedih :(

But she promised me to come to Malaysia somewhere in June (Hopefully, I manage to reach Malaysia beforehand) for her honeymoon. She was thinking of Langkawi, Pangkor and KL and ya they are nice places for honeymoon. I told her Langkawi and Pangkor are peaceful where you can get the real meaning of honeymoon, huhu and KL is perfect for shopping! It shouldn't be tough for her as she already visited Malaysia for quite a number of times.

What so sweet of her of considering Malaysia..huhu..proud to say that I'm Malaysian. I'll take a chance to meet her up and... her handsome hubby. Don't get me wrong kay! Not going to backstab ppl as kind as her but i'm gonna give her the very best that I can, showing my truly Malaysian spirits.

That's for now. It's been a while after the last post but what to do, semester II really drives me crazy to some extent that I want to spent my 24 hours on lecture notes.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Khas buat Lenot..huhu

I got this from PPIMI yahoo grup. Interesting n informative....

seandainya kamu dicintai...

"Kasih manusia sering bermusim, sayang manusia
tiada abadi.
Kasih Tuhan tiada bertepi, sayang Tuhan janjiNya

Itulah sedikit dari bait2 lagu Raihan. Lantaran
kasih manusia yang sering bermusim dan
sayangnya yang tak kekal lama, kita perlu sentiasa berwaspada
terutamanya dalam memilih pasangan. Andainya
sikit daripada cinta itu hendak diberi pada
seseorang yang boleh digelar suami, pilihlah seorang lelaki

1-Kuat agamanya.
Biar sibuk macamana, solat fardu tetap
terpelihara. Utamakanlah pemuda yang kuat
pengamalan agamanya. Lihat saja Rasulullah
menerima pinangan Saidina Ali buat puterinya
Fatimah. Lantaran ketaqwaannya yang tinggi biarpun
dia pemuda paling miskin.

2-Baik akhlaknya.
Ketegasannya nyata tapi dia lembut dan bertolak-
ansur hakikatnya. Sopan tutur kata gambaran
peribadi dan hati yang mulia. rasa hormatnya
pada warga tua ketara.

3-Tegas mempertahankan maruah.
Pernahkah dia menjengah ke tempat2 yang
menjatuhkan kredibiliti dan maruahnya sebagai
seorang Islam.

Jika dia pernah mengabaikan tugas yang diberi
dengan sengaja ditambah pula salah guna kuasa,
lupakan saja si dia.

5-Tidak boros
Dia bukanlah kedekut tapi tahu membelanjakan
wang dengan bijaksana. Setiap nikmat yang ada
dikongsi bersama mereka yang berhak.

6-Tidak liar matanya
Perhatikan apakah matanya kerap meliar ke arah
perempuan lain yang lalu-lalang ketika berbicara.
Jika ya jawabnya, dia bukanlah calon yang sesuai
buat kamu.

7-Terbatas pergaulan
Sebagai lelaki dia tahu dia tak mudah jadi fitnah
orang, tapi dia tak amalkan cara hidup bebas.

8-Rakan pergaulannya.
Rakan2 pergaulannya adalah mereka yang

rasa tanggungjawabnya dapat diukur kepada
sejauh mana dia memperuntukkan
dirinya untuk parents dan ahli familynya. Jika
nya hidup melarat sedang dia hidup hebat, nyata
dia tak bertanggungjawab.

10-Tenang wajah
Apa yang tersimpan dalam sanubari kadang-
terpancar pada air muka. Wajahnya tenang,
setenang sewaktu dia bercakap dan bertindak.

"Berbahagialah kamu jika dicintai calon yang
demikian sifatnya..."


Sunday, March 12, 2006


I slept early last night, around 8o'clock. Feel so exhausted after coming back from Hajar's house. I helped them in catering 90 JPA's students. Huhu, i'm a dead meat if my mom get know about this. What the heck am I doing in Dublin? Doing medicine or major in catering? But, even if she knew, I already prepared with acceptable answers;

1) I do not involve in any clubs other than PPIMI, so as being part of economy bureau is great enuf...erm, thinking of taking part in RCSI badminton next year, guyz remind me to put my beloved racket into the huge luggage when I reached home on 19th June...look forward to this moment...huhu

2) I can improve my cooking skills and cook something better for her...have I ever cooked for her before??? Maybe once, tue pun dgn bantuan nenek ku tercinta...miss my nek's nasi lemak and not to forget her jelingan manja!...hikhik

3) Spontaneous answers laa plak...lagi bagus+mantap...kuar seme bende

Back to the story, I woke up at 3 a.m and start studying. Technically, i'm not studying but i'm there any difference btw these two?..Bla..bla..bla...Stop for lunch, toilets, prayers and continue at 3p.m though. Gonna stick to this routine as Subuh prayers getting earlier n earlier. Until one time it reach 2 kalo dh tdo in pukul 12..sah2 terlepas. To be safe, tdo awal2 lepas magrib, then wake up for Isyak and Subuh.

Asta La Vista.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Counting down to 19th June

I miss.
I miss my home.
I miss my home and my family.
I miss my home, my family and my friends.
I miss my home, my family, my friends and Malaysian foods.
I miss my home, my family, my friends, Malaysian foods and everything!

Erm, distance really makes my heart grow fonder... Well, it certainly makes the heart want to reach out....3 months and 11 days to go, bersabarlah Nathrah!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Can I hv extra hours before going to sleep?

Now, it is 2343 05s according to my handphone@my watch since I lost my NEXT-UK mali watch. I feel so sleepy. Though I already slept for one hour in the afternoon, my eyes' rod cells just can operate anymore. Huhu. Yet, two more lecture notes and one tutorial waiting for me to be completed. Hope I can wake up early tomorrow and finished them before time and to make it worse, my first class starts at 830a.m. Can't wait for Friday to come.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Wanita Solehah

Copied from ‘Rabiatul Adawiyah’ published by Helwa’s organization.
Dipetik dari kitab2 yang muktabar, mudah-mudahan dpt diambil ibrah drpdnya…

1) Doa wanita lebih makbul daripada lelaki kerana sifat penyayang lebih kuat dari lelaki.
Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda; Ibu lebih penyayang daripada bapa dan doa orang penyayang tidak sia2

2) Seorang wanita solehah lebih baik daripada1000 lelaki yang tidak soleh

3) Seorang wanita solehah lebih baik dari 70 wali

4) Seorang wanita solehah lebih baik daripada 70 lelaki soleh

5) Barangsiapa yang menggembirakan anak perempuannya, darjatnya umpama
orang yang sentiasa menangis kerana takutkan Allah S.W.T dan orang yang takutkan Allah akan diharamkan neraka ke atas tubuhnya

Janganlah pulak kite beria nak jadi wanita solehah sebabkan nak rebut pahala atau darjat2 yang akan diberikan oleh Allah S.W.T. Erm, pesanan buat diri sendiri, rebutlah keberkatan Allah dalam menghadapi hidup ini…walaupun susah nak disematkan dlm diri, but if u’re determined to improve yourself, insyaAllah u’ll reach it. Huhu…chayok2!

I feel lot better now

After came back from the library n usrah at Sakina's hse, I slept for nearly 4 hours. I wished I can sleep for few more hours, but then I have to get up for our planning 'birthday bash' for Marisa. We spent an hour to finish delicious melting chocolate cake+ mayonaised wedges+ very sweet rolls cake+ peeled by Kerry apples...not so bad huuuh...then we gave Marisa a birthday present, which is a bagpack that she dreamed for....

At 1a.m, me and my rumet started burning the midnight oil until subuh. I usually listen to my playlist but last night, I listened to Nasyid-only playlist. I guess I need somethg soothing. One of the songs drew my attention and made me hold for seconds, try to figure the beautiful messages conveyed by the band. OMG, thanks for leading me to the right path. Below is the lyrics of the nasyid;


Hidup Tidak Selalunya Indah

Langit Tak Selalu Cerah

Suram Malam Tak Berbintang

Itulah Lukisan Alam
Begitu Aturan Tuhan
Jadilah Rumput Nan Lemah Lembut
Tak Luruh Dipukul Ribut
Bagai Karang Di Dasar Lautan
Tak Terusik Dilanda Badai

Dalam Sukar... Hitunglah Kesyukuranmu
Dalam Senang... Awasi Kealpaanmu
Setitis Derita Melanda
Segunung Kurniaan-Nya

Usah Mengharapkan Kesenangan
Dalam Perjuangan Perlu Pengorbanan
Usah Dendam Berpanjangan
Maafkan Kesalahan Insan
Begitu Ajaran Tuhan

Hasbi Rabbi Jallallah
Ya Allah...

Dalam Diam... Taburkanlah Baktimu
Dalam Tenang... Buangkanlah Amarahmu
Suburkanlah Sifat Sabar
Dalam Jiwamu Itu
Di Dalam Jiwamu Itu

..Last stanza is so meaningful..Dikesempatan ini, aku nak mintak maaf kat sape2 yang terase,
erm, one correction to make, to those pms-ing girlz, ignore previous tips, listen to this nasyid,
it will bring u an immediate effect.


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Happy 21st Birthday to Marisa!

Semoga dirahmati Allah hendaknya ke atas kamu wahai Ratu Kucing seantero dunia....
Wait for 2nite babe, got somethg 4 ya!

I wanna have a peaceful weekend!

I dunno whether i have the extraordinary six senses or it's just an instinct that i gonna have a terrible weekend. First, I somehow received ym messages from somebody that i've waited for so long but after a few minutes, he's gone. Dunno how to describe our so-called miles away relationship but one thg to highlight here, especially to girlz out there, don't you ever indulge yourself in this stupid boy-girl inter-relationship. Perhaps it can make you feel cheated and left out. What on earth do I have to tell you this!!!

Second thg happened this morning and stole all my moods. Even though i'm not a hot tempered kinda ppl but still i have sensitivity. I just hate myself for being so kind to ppl around me and they can 'bully' me. It's not that i'm in premed year that i have to take all responsibilities left by these 'busy' ppl. Everyone shud know their commitments and learn how to cope with them. I remember one situation when I got a phone call from one of my housemates asking me to buy a box of chicken as it's my turn. Okay, fine. I was in the library, doing homeworks with Diana and Farah at that particular time. Absolutely no idea of what to do because that was my first time ever. The only thg that i think is going home and go to Euroasia or landlord's shop. But, i'm not going home right away! Instead of that, I called my seniors to get the shop phone numbers so that I can order by phone and they can deliver it to our hse...but they don't take my calls. One of them called me few minutes later but she don't hv the numbers. What a terrible day! I have to settle this otherwise we don't have our dinner. Erm, after some thinkings, I sticked to the first plan which is going home and leave my study mates. Bukan nak mengungkit tapi we as future docs shud know our responsibility. Aku pun bz jugak, nak kene study jugak, strive for the best, xnak tanam diri dlm tanah sia-sia je or bunuh diri or pape je laa yang kuar dr mulut org. Kalo benda mudah camni pun dh terabai camne nanti nak deal ngan patients, give good impression to the boss and at the same time, try to give your fullest to the family. Bukan nak cakap diri ni baik sgt...benda2 yang diceritakan nie boleh jadi pengajaran untuk kita bersama...

I would rather keep this deep inside my heart but maybe i'm pms-ing today and somehow I got the courage to write this out. Teruk betul...tapi ok jugak coz skang aku dh lega...Here are few tips for pms-ing girlz on how to get rid of swing moods during pms;

Tips on controlling PMS

  • Eat complex carbohydrates (such as whole grain breads, pasta and cereals), fiber and protein. Cut back on sugar and fat...rasenye dh buat yg nie
  • Avoid salt for the last few days before your period to reduce bloating and fluid retention...yg nie x sure
  • Cut back on caffeine to feel less tense and irritable and to ease breast soreness...huhu ganti chocolate drinks bleh, coffee x minum sgt laa
  • Cut out alcohol. Drinking it before your period can make you feel more depressed...ya Allah, apekah?
  • Try eating up to 6 small meals a day instead of 3 larger ones...kalo lebih camane?
  • Get aerobic exercise. Work up to 30 minutes, 4 to 6 times a week....erm, padan naik bas, x jalan..
  • Get plenty of sleep--about 8 hours a night....7 jam setengah aci tak?
  • Keep to a regular schedule of meals, bedtime and exercise...dh kot...
  • Try to schedule stressful events for the week after your period..hah, x penah tahu bleh schedule...huhu
oklaa...asta la vista

Friday, March 03, 2006


The weather will not change much throughout the weekend over the United Kingdom and Ireland. Most places will continue to feel cold with a widespread and sharp frost developing during the overnights. On Saturday, snow showers will stay frequent across Scotland. These snow showers may merge into a persistent and heavier snowfall across the Orkney and Shetland islands on southward into the Central Highlands. Several additional centimetres of snowfall accumulation are possible. Snow or wintry showers will occasionally fall across Northern Ireland on into north-west Ireland. Isolated rain or sleet showers will occur in Wales and south-west England while the remainder of England will be fairly dry with some sunny spells. Sunday's weather will be very similar to Saturday's weather. The only exception is that the snowfall across northern Scotland will be of a lesser intensity. A brief glance into next week: the cold spell will break, but the weather may be rather, sediakan payung sebelum hujan yer guyz!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Today's food for thought!

Islam is a liberating way of life. Yes! We do have purpose in life; a sense of destiny. We are not alone. We have the greatest, the most reliable ally anyone could possibly want-Allah. He does not burden us beyond our capacity. Each time we exhibit our true potential, He moves us on to bigger trials and bigger dimensions. Each time we slip up, He opens the doors of repentance and lighten our burdens. He has showered his blessings upon us giving us chances to make amends. Wallahua’ lam.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mari Belajar ABC!

Jika : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ialah : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 maka, Hardwork = H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K = 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98% jer...2% lagi ilang ke mana? Knowledge = K+N+O+W+L+E+D+G+E = 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96% jer?? Luck = L+U+C+K = 12+21+3+11 = 47% (Kengkadang org pikir nih yg penting) Abis?! apa yang boleh buat 100%? kekayaan? pangkat?...tidak sama sekali... setiap soalan mesti ada jawapannya...untuk mencapai kecermelangan,kita hanya perlu maju selangkah lagi...ianya adalah... A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E = 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100% Good luck!!

Snow in Spring!!!

I’ve been crazy busy lately, which is a change for me who used to do nothing at all in the last break. I have started with classes and guess what, bundles of notes waiting to be updated!. Alhamdulillah, so far it's all worked out…
Yesterday, I encountered snow for the first time ever in my life. We’re (Diana, Farah n Me) on the way to City Centre to look for our monthly groceries. Yeah, snow is great, it is really light and fluffy. I feel so ‘jakun’ but we’re doing fine because everybody seems to be sooo excited and ‘jakun’ as well. You know, it isn’t normal to have snow in Dublin and now snowing in Spring. ????

I recalled one such event, where I met an auntie while waiting for bus. We had a light talk under the bus booth. It was raining at that particular time, erm…a rainy day perhaps. She asked me where did I come from and I said Malaysia. Feeling so proud that she knew the location of Malaysia. Erm, the conversation went on and on until I didn’t realized that the time slowly passed by. One good question from her, “What is the lowest temperature in Malaysia?” OMG, suddenly I feel out of myself, try to contact my Malaysia-dead mind, What? What? C’mon What? “25C” popped out after 10 seconds if I’m not mistaken. “Oh wow! I’m really surprised you’re still alive in this below 10C weather”. “Yes, thanks God, I survived”. How could I never think of this thing before. What a complicated survival creature Allah had made us……Alhamdulillah. 5 minutes later, her bus passed and she crawling into it. Before she took her first step, she wished me good luck and said “May God bless you”. Huhu, ape kah? Tuhan mane satu nie? But it’s okay, I know to whom should I turn to and yeah, May Allah bless me all the time!

I feel so sleepy but Lenot ask me to write longer. Sorry, I couldn’t make it. Gotta go now.