Sunday, January 31, 2010

January, ready to take the last flight out!

10..first 10 days of 2010 gone in a blink of eye with legal med, forensics and ethics untouched. Time is fleeting away before u ever notice it, will keep myself on the notes starts tomorrow, yeah i will.

11..i think i have to see a doc, my attention span is becoming smaller and smaller, my memory is deteriorating like no one ever experience, my deciphering ability is just gone with the wind, i know too much drama to bear with. lives of child geniuses! great show with vast amount of exposures on these cream of the cream kiddos, no they are prodigies to be exact, one thg i've learnt, their parents are not pushy but they push their parents to satisfy their needs.

13..stick together and we go places!

22..tired of being the most dumbest among all, ya Allah plz help me thru all of this with ease and permit me to succeed this time.., i believe that i got strong determination to strive for the best in my life. Thank you Allah. Laid-back, this word should have been removed by now from my dictionary! Ad's bday!

28..if u tired of getting bad results plz get urself exhausted studying next time before u sit for the exam!

31..Alhamdulillah..ready to kick off this endless journey..Bismillah..

time to sleep, xoxo


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