Saturday, February 18, 2006


THAT WILL STAYS FOR EVER....Happy birthday Farah! Cya tmrw!


Anyway, I was just reading my blog archives, what a tool I was! The funny thing is that I thought I was such hot stuff. It's probably still prevalent in my writing, no wonder I don't have any boyfriends.

And why do I get so goddamned paranoid about my blog? It's like everyone I've ever spoken of are in. Please, help me out!!!

Spring has sprung yet...

"Spring has sprung!", said the bumble bee. "How do you know?", said the old oak tree. "I just saw a daffodil blooming on a windy hill!" Yeah, spring has begun. That ‘s right. And depressing winter has slowly leaved us behind…

Erm, even if the sun shone bright lately, still terrible things are happening. This isn't another chapter in my whiny, adolescent memoir. These things - the ones happening - are truly terrible. It's not a hyperbole. It’s really terrible but these things are common to all typical adolescents.

Last week, I ‘skyped’ one of my best friends in UK, we talked for 3 hours and guess what she said she’s going to get engaged this summer. What’s so horrible! Cupp, I’m not saying that I’m against marriage or whatsoever but I couldn’t believe that she, the one that I know for so long, my best ever gossiper also my talking-rubbish sifu! Aiyyo! To whom should I go after this???

Enough about this person then come another. Different plots but similar stories. She’s so frustrated with her act of leaving somebody that she loved so much. Aiyyo! I have nothing to comment, but please, be certain of what you’re doing!

And next is about one blissful perfect couple in my gangs. Flying to the same place, taking same course…what’s so lucky they are. But the next thing I know, they aren’t like before. I don’t know the real situation but I can smell something from here…for sure it’s not the smell of sheep in your summer working farm, it’s different. Aiyyo! What happen???

There’s also unbearable couple in my no longer SGC gangs back in Terengganu. Could you please find somebody else? Nothing about him that catches my eyes on…erm, love is blind, yeah, that’s true!

Another two best friends of mine, they’re living far far away from each other but they share same kinda of stories. This is February, known to be a month of loving and tenderness but they’re little bit sensitive lately. Maybe, they’re too stressed out of the days ahead of them. Everybody in medical world will encounter this a lot perhaps, even myself.

These are the terrible stories of my SGC gangs in this early spring. My terrible story will be up sooner or later. Sorry if I said something insulted, but I’ll be always here to listen to whatever you want me to listen to. Just email me, no YM (poor internet connection), pretty please.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Jualan nasi lemak kali yang pertama!

FYI, economy buraue of PPIMI has started our very first plan which is jualan nasi lemak. Thanks to all buyers. Alhamdulillah, the sales turn out to be okay, yet many thgs to be improved. Put more gravy laa…Add more coconut milk plzz…When is the next sale?... These were few responds from the buyers. And I guess there’s nothing wrong with the price except for meeting the standard of nasi lemak. We’ll take all the comments…inshaAllah, the next version of our nasi lemak will fulfill all yr desires. So, please, please stay with us...

No more bout nasi lemak…

I’m so excited plus enthusiastic today.
First, I met my dearie friends.
New hair styles, new coats (Farah is one of them!), new dressings (more daring tue!) but I’m still my old me. What to do??
Sylvia with her MRCP thg…get updated after went back to Malaysia…yuhu…jelesnye…dah 2X balik, mane aci??
Waiting for Arab friends, they aren’t turn up yet. They told me earlier that they won’t be here until 2nd week of lesson, another mane aci!
I didn’t have much time to chit chat with Alex, Aileen, TC, Kevin n d rests as I hv to segregate nasi lemak…erm, ape nak buat? It’s okay, tmrw, I’ll see them…
Second, boring Darren Griffith is back.
Huhu..bosan..Diana sebok nak usha. Yeah, I admit he’s handsome but kalo satu jam bace je monotonously dr slides, ape kes?
Third, I accidentally smiled to my Swim Fan’s hero…just call him Jesse when I confronted him otw back to college from DBS (Dublin Business School), habis distributing nasi lemak. Huhu..seronok..

..Bosan☹ nothing to do, waiting for lecture notes to be uploaded..

Sunday, February 12, 2006

A new semester has come...

Intelectually, i’d love to use my mind after a long time..*sighed*. But spiritually, I’m not ready yet. Erm, Alhamdulillah, my last semester result was as expected, still I need to improve alot in this semester because it’s gonna be tougher and tougher. No room to play2 now but of course there’s always a room for improvement, everybody has a key to that room, but it’s totally depending on the key holders, whether to open and enter the room or keep the key in the bags and waiting for somebody else to open it for you . Erm, which one is you??? No wry, I’m addressing this to me, myself…

Friday, February 10, 2006

Stop publishing the caricature...A plea from nothing me

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

We praise Allah, thank Him and seek His help, guidance and forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evil in our souls and the sinfulness of our deeds.

Whomsoever Allah guides, he is rightly-guided and whosoever He sends astray, none can guide him.

I bear witness that there is no deity worth worshipping but Allah, and Muhammad is His messenger.

To whomsoever it may concern within the Danish government.

When the muslims object to the publishing of cartoons depicting our Prophet Muhammad, you say it is a violation of "freedom of speech" and "human rights".

We muslims have profound respect and love to our Prophets.
We do not tolerate any insulting opinions and images of any of them in any form by anyone regardless of beliefs.
Those are our rights as muslims, as humans.
Why do the Danish government violate them?

Ponder upon the concepts of "human rights" and "freedom of speech".
A wise decision would be an apology to muslims worldwide.
Muslims do not tolerate any injustice. Be smart!

:) with sincere hope for global peace...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What is life???

If life is a GAME, what are the rules? If life is a PLAY, where is the script? Are we trying to make sense of a situation that doesn't really fit in any obvious model...huhu. Each time u think u know what u supposed to be doing, u realise there's a factor that u haven't taken into account and this throws all ur ideas into dissarray. Does this matter? Only if want a completely predictable existance. If u want everything to get easier, stop trying to understand everything. Just be willing to be pleasantly surprised. But as a muslim, what we need to do is try to improve ourselves from day to day as stated in a hadis "Jadilah kamu org yang lebih baik dari hari semalam sesungguhnya kamu beruntung, sekiranya hari esok lebih buruk dari hari semalam, maka celakalah kamu" (Somebody plz gimme the full version of this hadis!)

Safe journey to Ihsan, Dati, Cikeenot

I have no chance to say goodbye to Ihsan. Sorry! Yea..yea, u can't make me feel jealous with all malaysian foods that u have longer time to, it's ur turn! Anyway, good luck in UNSW kay...May Allah be with you... Cikeenot, if u read this, remember that u'r always in my heart. Miss the moments when we (Izy, Su, U n Me) hanging out in Su's room. Good luck to u too dear. Dati, i missed u very much. U r so perfect in my eyes babe! Wish u all the best in Melbourne!

Miss all mafias already...hope everyone can turn out during our so called 26-year-old grand reunion okay???

Alhamdulillah...finally I have a brand new blog!

Smiles, frowns, blinks, squints; these were few of my daily expressions lately. Instead of keeping everything on my own, I decided to make it virtual to all so that you guyz can help me cherish my dull (as dull as dishwater perhaps) life here in Dublin.

Now, all RCSIians were having their short break after uncountable nights of burning midnight oils preparing for miserable Semester I exams…hopefully everyone is doing fine …insy4JJI

27th January- Right after the last online exam for the semester, Diana, Farah and me jostled into Dunnes stores and bought bottles of carbonated drinks, spaghetti for Farah’s very first open house (she took nearly 4 months to set up everything in order..Hehe..) and not to forget junk foods for movie marathon, which I was caught sleeping in the middle of the third film…u know me...
Here were few movies I watched so far
1) Euro trip…funny movie especially after exams
2) Saw…so depressive but I did enjoyed
3) Flight plan…boring because the ending is expected
4) Sky high…crap, brought you back to your childhood Power Rangers
5) Madagascar…I love all Disney movies, list them all
6) Love Actually…baik gulung tikar je drpd produce this film
7) Scrubs...learnt many stupid things incurred to deadly poor Internship guy that might happened to me…nauzubillah

29th January- Guess what? Deputy Minister of Health came to our house, all 314 occupants proud of having him and his delegation. We started working in the early morning. Marisa and I were assigned to clear up everything in hallway…we scrubbed the floor…cut the boxes into pieces…dumped everything in oxygen dustbin until I was nearly broke my nose when I tried to press them so that few more can fit in. Lenot, our chef of the day, violently blended very hot and spicy ketchup for Nasi Ayam and I could help myself observing those people, waiting for any comedy-like expressions…but to tell you the truth, there were no such things, maybe somebody had warned them. Why? Why? Why?
We had a warm chitchat that night and apparently, the topics discussed were expected from a political minister! What else? Erm..

2nd February- Rombongan Cik Kiah went for a kindergarten trip to Malahide Castle on a gloomy day. Originally, Malahide Castle was a fortress as well as a private home of Talbot family for nearly eight hundred years. We went into the castle, nothing much u can do inside the building, you cannot touch this, and you cannot hold that. You cannot sit everywhere you like and of course you cannot take a picture inside there. What you can really do with your 4.70 euro (group booking otherwise you have to spend 5.70) is just to inhale the humid air of the castle into your lungs whenever you feel struck by the ghostlike sounds coming from speakers each time you step into new rooms. A reminder to all newcomers, don’t dare to waste your money on stupid thing like this. But wait a minute, I’m not saying that this place was totally sucks; you can still enjoy the panoramic view outside the castle.

6th February- Marisa, Diana, Yana and me went out to look for any job vacancies. From St Stephen Green Mall to Aldi, we were given the same answers; “we don’t need staffs at the moment, sorry girls”, “we only need workers during summer, sorry!”, “we need people with genuine interest in doing this charitable kinda jobs, so what makes u think u were the one?”….huhu terduduk x terkate…dan byk lagi laa

At first I used to feel sorry for myself for not able to find a job, it’s not that I’m not capable and what matters me now is that I keep blaming people around me…huhu....I was always portraying myself as a victim in every circumstances…x baik kan???
I really hope that I can vanish “the-world-is-unfair-to-me” mantra from my dictionary and turn to Allah; He knows the best for me!

Stop for now, c ya!