Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sy mcm bercerita kat tunggul..

Tgh bosan revising anatomy and that is why i'm nak bercerita laa..memandangkan xde org nak dgr sy nk cerita..erm..laptop's adapter sy terbakar hr tu n sy dh beli kat ebay tp sy belum dpt lagi..nasib baik rumet sy baik hati kasik sy bateri laptop die pun dh 'kong' nk kene sll dicucuk, sy xleh la pinjam n buat harta sementara dpt adapter baru..dh la sy belajar jenis yg xleh kalo xrefer wikipedia..susah la kalo sy nak study selagi sy xdpt adapter baru tu..tensi dan tensi..

Tgh2 sy study td terpikir kalo tetibe laptop sy plak buat hal yg langsung xleh guna camane..ya sy kene fikir camane nak carik laptop lain..nak beli kat sini? sy xcukup duit utk beli laptop..Ena punya? surely dia nk guna..Along punya? erm, bolehkah? mesti die pun nak guna..Mintak mi beli baru? segan tu laptop lama dh guna duit die..MARA???good idea :) sy xpenah lagi guna duit elaun laptop org ckp laptop RC kasik ni gn duit elaun kire dh burn :( erm..tapi kak zai boleh je beli laptop baru masa 4th med guna elaun tu..erm..boleh dipikirkan lagi..

oklaa nak sambung study..wassalam..doakan sy sukses dlm exam akan datang..10-23Jan..peace

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just for fun *Exam Mode*


How often do you lie?
Not too often but i think i had done many since i first talk

Are you a good lier?
A stupid lier i am (i often caught myself not doing the good lie when i suppose to)

Do you get away with it?

What is the worst (horrible) lie you have ever told?
"I can cook delicious meals, finger-licking delights when u are here" Thanks god u're not here my friend..hihi..but i can bring u to Medina Restaurant if u're here..haha

What is the worst (stupid) lie you have ever told?
"I hate you" You should have know me when i need 'extra' attentions

Are white lies okay?
Yeah..sometimes when u can't think of a good reason..

What is the last white lie you told?
I can't remember..really..i'm not lying..

Did you lie a lot when you were younger?
Only when i need new mechanical pencil when i actually lost it "my friend took mine"

About what?
I already answered it.. lol

Did you fool your parents?
Yes, sometimes..when i need somethg..

Have you ever been caught in a lie?
They know me..i was born with robertsonian translocation "easy to forget where i put somethg" genes. With biopsychological therapy, i still have the mechanical pencil that i brought along when i first came to Dublin *while checking my pencil case..yes, it is in there*

What was it about?

Do you have a guilty conscious?
Yes, Allah x suke orang menipu..teruk betul sy ni..

How can someone tell when you are lying?
Ask them k..i have exams coming..

P/S: I might lied to u guys in whatever situations..plz..plz forgive me..peace..wassalam

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Aidiladha? (ry dlm plane je..sedih..)