Friday, February 13, 2009

Get a driving license..i dunno that it could piss me off

I'm so damn pissed at my driving teacher!!! Hey, i got ears to listen and please don't shout at me, I got eyes to see and please don't tell me where to make a turn, I know Accelerator is at the most far right, Brake is in the middle and Clutch is at the far left oh please don't ask me this ABC question again and again. I admit I dunno how to drive but please don't treat me like I'm an idiot!

So many things happened when I was with him in the car. "Don't do anything, just drive straight" Okay, i'll not do anything and when I didn't change the gear because i waited for him to say it"How many times should i tell you to change the gear upon reaching a turn" Dusshhh!!!There was one time he taught me on the simulated hill for the first time. "Maintain the acceleration, release the clutch, free up the hand brake and go up until the side mirror is parallel to first zebra-crossed post then brake" "Okay, i got it, bismillahirahmanirrahim.." Everything went well in the beginning but then I stopped too early because of too nervous, Arrrggghhh..why now!! He stared at me and said "What did you do? Did you not listen to what I've said??" I was like OMG! How could you tell that to your student, am I the only one who failed doing this for the first time?? It turned into a deep silence because I barely said anything after that point.

On the same day, on the way to send me home and suddenly papppppppp!! he knocked into a car's side mirror when he was about to make a turn. That was not the first incident because he nearly bumped into an oncoming car when he was to make a prohibited U turn. Haha! Here we go, you teach me to control the patience lot on the road but you never portrayed yourself as good driver!!

If I were to grade his teachings, I'll definitely go for zero out of any positive numbers. Today, I skip the lesson and I'm going to call GANDA (the driving school) to change my driving teacher..doakan saya tenang je belajar lepas ni smpi dpt lesen sebab dh rasa cam die melampau sudah..pakcik jgn la jadik cam salesgirl kat mall, sombong x tentu hala!!


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