Thursday, October 26, 2006


Salam semua....Selamat Hari Raya@ Eid mubarak to all. I bet everyone out there has enough with raya cuisines, but i definitely not having much this time. I'm looking forward to attend open houses this weekends, which i have few in my minds. But, my housemates really put us in raya mood with their rendang+ketupat+kuah kacang. But as I said earlier, I want MORE.

My dreary card signing will be on 3rd whereby Diana, Fra n Peyuz having it tomorrow. It's good for them to experience it earlier so that they can get away with raya mood. Unlike me, I have to study like 2-3 lecture notes more than they do. It is fair enough as I have one more week to study, I wish I can finish all before Friday, 27th. I'm the library now, alone uploading my Clinical Compentencies Journal while they all looking at the cadavers in Anat Room. I dunno what brought them there for second time after almost 4 hour in there yesterday. We all smell like embalmed cadavers already. Ya, I almost forgot. We have our raya in Anat class and can u imagine how it's like when you wear nice baju kurung with new raya sneakers and suddenly u been splashed by the cadaver's fluid? Huhu...Kuku..

What else i wanna put up here. eircom. I suffered so much. Really. And I hope that Eircom ppl comes as they said. I dun want to hear any reasons from them, or else I will kick their ass (I learnt it in Taekwando!!). Teruknya aku nie...memang!!!

Thanks Naqiu for the card raya. I received it yesterday. Thanks to Akmal n Hanisah (if u read this) for your nice card rayas. But, I still waiting for my mom's card raya. Why it takes so long to reach Dublin?

I guess i need to stop blogging since I dun have enough time for myself. We have 5 classes at most in a day and that has taken one third of my precious 24 hour. Nway,i feel so thankful, I was not in PreMed year coz we have EXTRA EXTRA time.

I'll stop now. Maaf Zahir&Batin.


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