Friday, April 14, 2006

I need to start my DIET plan

Seriously, i'm not body weight raise up to the number that I would barely reach before this...I dunno what had happened to me...maybe I put on many high cholesterol foods recently...can u imagine, I finished daging burger 12 in one week...teruknye...start from now and on, I have to watch on the calorie taken per day and perhaps walk to and from the school...lame excuses are not acceptable...I think I need Diana to help me on more Kebab Club and I hv to turn to low fat milk.....the plan is effective immediately after this post published and will continue until my weight slumps to its normal and my round face change to oval face (this is so IMMpossible)...Huhu

SAY NO TO higH calOrie FOODS...Oh noooooooooooooo


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