Friday, April 14, 2006

I chatted to someone from Canada

It was last night. Alone. Bored to death. Doing nothing other than lazy around in my own room. While I was downloading photos to my fotopages (Internet connection was so slow as usual and I could not finish uploading them until this moment of time), I turned my skype on with no reasons. It is because I only turn it on whenever my friends want to call me. It's free anyway. Huhu.

Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea to browse for new virtual friends. The first buddy I sent my instant message to is a student. He's from Glasgow. Not interested enuf in making friends and I left him.

Then came another...which I sacrifice my sleeping hours chatting to him. He's a businessman...oh wow...currently in East coast of Canada and always travel to England once in a while...he's actually selling environmental equipments or save the planet stuffs from North America to huh...but what can I do, he's too old for me...he already has two kids(they are lovely...look at the picture!)...sedey :( Just kidding, I hv no interest in org putih, am I???? Hikhik

What can I say bout this guy is that he being so positive in his life...after his wife left him few years ago for a is blind eh? I love the way he handle himself...remember, life must go on no matter what is happening to you...right?

After we chatted for 3 hours or so, he then called me. We talked many things going on in this life from satellite tv channels to father-children relationship (If only I can copy and paste it to this blog...huhu...dun want laa...nanti blog ni jadik cam diary betul laa plak...better keep it to urself je laa Nath oi....tetibe teringat kat sayang oi....) and the list goes on and on...

To make it short, I finally went to sleep at nearly 2 was nice to know him afterall especially when u r in dire need to have someone to talk to....adios...assalamualaikum...


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