Friday, April 21, 2006

Sunshine and showers

Today, at 7o'clock I went for a brisk walk. Alone. Because my mate was up for something else, she actually has an usrah at Powerscout...shud be fun going to the park in this spring time...i'm looking forward to have a trip over to that colourful with flowers all around place...inshaAllah...i'll be there when exams is over...

On the way to the canal, I couldn't run myself from free newspaper distributor...and weather column has caught my eyes on. It is stated that there will largely wet in the next few days ahead, though there should be some bright spells appearing by Monday and then again on Wednesday...

So, don't be so over-confident by leaving ur coat or jacket in home considering dry and bright days recently...that is weather report by Nathrah at DublinQ314..muahahaha


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