Sunday, August 24, 2008

My moochies

I don't really like animals but to me cats are adorable especially the kittens. We had few cats during our childhood days and when they all died we never had one since then until last year my mom brought in cats back into our house. They are actually Nek Tih's. Kudos to Nek Tih.

Hey guyz, I would like to introduce my 2 moochies named Oyen n Utey. The names are pretty boring i know cause i just named them after their colors. Oyen is a boy and he really acts like a boy, runs all over the house and likes to play with balls or anything that moves. On the other hand, Utey is a little bit quiet, eat Friskies with no complaints and so manageable. All because Utey is a girl. Yes, girls are easier to be managed compared to boys! If you don't have faith in me, please ask your parents. Haha.

I have nothing much to do during the holiday except for cooking dinners for everyone. I really have a passion for is like my new interest. Uwekkk, please ignore the former sentence. Haha. Cooking has never come easy on me and that was why we always ended up dining out/buying food in most of the days.

Back to my moochies. I miss my moochies. I wish I have longer time to spend with my moochies even if I have to serve them food as early as 6am and even if my hands scratched everytime they want to wriggle free during the baths and even if i have to clean up the their 'stuffs' (technically, it isnt me, i am the one who will eee eee uuu uuu at the back of my mom while she is doing the cleaning).

I really miss my moochies. Having Oyen, Utey and their mom during my summer holiday has been a blessing.

The mom and the kids (first batch). The kittens are eventually died after several separate incidences.
The mom and the kids (second batch). One died due to tumour, Oyen and Utey are still alive, fit and well.

P/S: Today is my birthday and I don't feel like going out. Ya Allah, all I want is just happiness..happy years, happy family and happy friends..


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